The Power of Our Words

Solomon said, “The tongue of the wise is health” (Proverbs 12:18) and “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21)

Words…They are powerful. Words have a magical power.

Our words describe our thoughts in our inner world. Words have a profound impact on our life. They have the power to create our results which are a product of our inner self talk.

Power of our words

So, we should start using supportive empowering words with ourselves and with others.

Words give us power to express and communicate and therefore they have the power to create the events of our lives.

Words guide us. They are an important part of our daily life. We hear them in songs read them in books, and letters.

We speak them. We hear them.

They have the power to lift our spirits. They can encourage and motivate us. They are a vital part of who we are.

When the Universe was created, it is said “And God said ‘Let there be light.'” God spoke, used words to create the Universe. The existence of words is powerful.

AS humans, we speak out our minds express our thoughts through words. Words are capable of crating an emotion or feeling.

When we listen to a song about love, the words touch and move us. We can also feel sadness if we hear or read certain words.

WE can hurt others by using powerful words that wound someone’s heart. WE experience different emotions and influence others, all because of the power of words.

Words are of great importance. They play a significant role in the quality of our lives. Therefore, we must notice and pay careful attention to the use of words.

Some words create a warm pleasant feeling within us while some can bring our spirit down by crating sadness and making us cry. When we speak, we speak our mind out loud. We speak our thoughts.

It is important to be careful with our words. The words that we use, be it during a quiet self talk or while speaking out loud, can determine whether we feel uplifted or discouraged.

We can truly improve any area of our own life simply by using the right words. We can create better health when we feel good.

When we feel positive, our immune system gets stronger. Let’s say that our friend says “you can do it…I believe in you.” It gives us power to keep going in spite of challenges. If we use words like “I can do it, ” these positive words can change our reality.

We should always use words that would encourage our children…
What words do you often use with your children?
Are those words lift up their spirit?
What words do you use when things are not going as you wish?

Wishing you ABUNDANCE of Love & JOY! 🙂

Michal Y Noah

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