I’m pleased to announce that my bestselling book “A-Z The Universe in Me” has won 2014 KART Kids Book List Award.

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“This terrific little book should be in the library of any young boy or girl who you, as the parent or grandparent, want to equip with a positive self-image. This book has an ‘alphabet’ we can all truly believe in!”

-Bob Burg, co-author of ‘The Go-Giver’


“A-Z the Universe in Me” is a beautiful, thought provoking book full of positive affirmations, excellent illustrations that is a must read for every child.”

Billy Cox
Author/Speaker at Billy Cox Companies


“Simple, elegant – I recommend it highly”

-Greg S Reid, author, speaker and filmmaker


“A very beautiful and magical book…All kids, Mom’s and Dad’s should have this wonderful book!!! Great job…very well done.”

Steven E, Author of Spiritual Cash Flow.


“I love , Love ,Love this book. There are no two more powerful words than “I AM” This is a must read not only for children but adults as I know we suffer from what the world thinks we are. I can’t wait to share this with my 11 year old son. Thank you Michal for putting this wonderful piece of work.”

– Daniel Gutierrez, Author, Speaker, World Transformational Leader and Radio Personality
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“It’s no secret that a child’s mind is a sponge. With all the negativity in our world, this book will empower and reinforce the inner beauty of our children.”

Richard M. Krawczyk, Best Selling Author & Human Potential Expert



The A-Z The Universe in Me – A terrific children’s book full of fantastic affirmations to fill your children with the good, the pure, the positive, and the powerful!

A wonderful book to grow your children to becoming bully proof, and to help to develop a stronger self-esteem and self-efficacy.

This book does the trick. I speak to thousands of parents and teachers on self esteem in schools throughout the mid-west. This is the newest tool I’m recommending to my audiences.

Additionally, I work with hundreds of young children every week. I’ve begun to use A-Z The Universe in Me to assist me in teaching my students.

This simple, straightforward book is a treasure that, like it’s author are both upbeat and brilliant! Thank you Michal!

R. Jerry Criss, Speaker, Teacher, Parent


Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers’ Favorite

Author Michal Noah does a wonderful job of explaining her passion in why she wrote this book and its purpose in her note to parents and teachers. She explains how the book can be most helpful to young children by giving easy to follow guidelines for the adult to best engage their young reader.

This book is well written and very encouraging. It instills within the young reader many encouraging thoughts and ideals to make them stronger in who they are. There is a continual flow through the alphabet of lettered words to engage the reader in the order and clarity of the lettering system.

There are many positive influences that the author points the reader to within themselves and others around them. The graphics are incredibly clear and paint a beautiful picture of what the written word is saying. This is a book that I personally would find enjoyable to share with younger children; the words build them up and encourage them and the graphics would capture their imagination.

Reviewed by Trisha Dawn Daffon for Readers’ Favorite

A-Z The Universe in Me is full of short poems. They are composed most especially for children. This is for them to enjoy in any creative way. This book aims to uplift using drawings about nature and also, through the simplicity and the easily read poems. The book contains thirty one pages.

I am in love with this book. The very first time that its cover appeared before my eyes, I felt warm. I just couldn’t wait to look or read through the pages. The cover is colorful but not overpowering. It means, it’s eye friendly. Also, the illustration about nature, the sun, moon and stars are perfect for the theme of the book. I could not have imagined it to be anything else. I consider it as an art. This alone could encourage a child to be more appreciative of this field and to be more sensitive about nature.

Contents-wise, it is as great as the illustrations. I came to notice the author’s message and I appreciated the effort she has exerted to make this book as effective as possible to kids and to reach out to adults to reaffirm that. Reading through the poems, I cannot help but appreciate the ingenuity it brought about. The short poems are easy to understand and are witty. The rhyming is absolutely gorgeous. The poems sound playful and catchy- more than enough to get a child’s attention and hook them into reading more and more. Also, the poems have served their purpose. If an adult like me felt inspired and happy, how much more the children? It will give them positive vibes and a good doze of self- confidence. In times like these, they would need this book like bread crumbs that will lead them in the right and safe path. This book is definitely a treasure.
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers’ Favorite

The children’s book “A-Z the Universe in Me” by Michal Y. Noah is an exceptionally good and brilliantly colored tool for teaching young children the alphabet. Its real value, though, is as a confidence booster for children well into the elementary school grades. Each page presents a poem, the title or focus of which builds on the sequential letters of the alphabet, from A to Z. The poems, however, are NOT trite little contrived rhymes to entertain a child, or to put her to sleep, but rather are affirmations of every child’s worth and potential. The text is overlaid on incredibly brilliant colored graphics depicting various animals of the land, sea and air. The content of each poem is meticulously crafted to help children understand and accept their own potential, while boosting their self-confidence.

This book is as far removed from an “average” children’s book as the East is from the West, if I may borrow a phrase from the Bible. The artwork is literally amazing, and that alone will fascinate a child for hours on end. The colors are more vivid than I would have thought possible. All the caricatures of the various animals have big, contagious smiles on their faces, and are obviously happy, loving, confident creatures; this attitude is certain to be passed on to the child. Of all the many children’s books I have read over the years, I believe this may be the best in every conceivable category. I have no doubt your child will feel the same way about “A-Z the Universe in Me”, and I have no doubt this will quickly become your child’s favorite choice for a bedtime story. My grandson will be getting a copy from me as soon as it is available for purchase. I gladly give this my highest recommendation.

Reviewed by Dr. Oliva Dsouza for Readers’ Favorite

An easy, simple way to teach positive affirmations to your children. A new way to teach the alphabet to the young ones. Each affirmation is a joy to read with important meaning. Every child is special in his or her own way and the best way to bring them up to be confident, loving and intelligent is to encourage them to believe in themselves and their abilities. Each verse takes ample examples from nature to help the child to relate to the emotion being spoken about in the verse.

“A-Z the Universe in Me” by Michal Y Noah does an amazing job of teaching children the importance of being loving, sweet, free and joyful. This is a magical book that any parent would love to read to their child. The simple and easy poems/rhymes are fun for children to memorize and recite. They can learn so many things about nature and how all good qualities exist in all of us. The method adopted to teach is very innovative. Any parent who wants to nurture their child in a loving and positive manner will fall head over heels in love with this book. Positive emotions and affirmations help us to have a positive outlook in life and exposing children to all things positive right from their younger years is a step in the right direction. Teaching our children to be joyous and happy right from the start will eventually help us to build a society that is loving, peaceful and positive. With mind-blowing illustrations by Chrissy Fanslau, this book is a sure fire winner all the way.
Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite

“A-Z the Universe in Me: Positive Affirmations for Realizing Our Unlimited Potential” is a very delightful book of poems. As the title suggests, it consists of twenty-six poems each beginning with a different letter of the English alphabet. “I am Abundant/Like the universe where there’s plenty/ I feel blessed as well/ I am abundant in love and joy/Anyone Can tell,” goes the first poem for the letter A. ‘I am confident’ is the title of the third poem and ‘I am zestful’ is the last poem in this collection which will delight not only children but people of all ages.

Michal Noah’s passion to bring out the best in anyone is stamped in all of his poems in the book, “A-Z the Universe in Me”. Each line in all the twenty-six poems here seems to be simple and sometimes child-like but they all carry an underlying meaning that aims to motivate and give confidence to its reader or listener. Designed to be read aloud to children, these poems can certainly motivate adults too. With colorful and beautiful illustrations done by Chrissy Fanslau, this book of poems is a must read for everyone. Easy to read with rhyming lines that make them sound witty and humorous, all of the poems convey the message of affirmation that anyone can become successful in whatever they set out to do. Using nature as the overall inspiration, the poems do not sound preachy and contrived. “I am confident/ Confidently sings the bird/ Fearlessly swims the fish/ I know that I too/ Can achieve whatever I wish” is one of my favorites in this collection. Aided by the illustrations, a child can read and listen to these inspiring words and imagine the wonders of nature at the same time. It is the perfect way to give children the affirmation that they need in the world we live in.


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