A-Z the Universe in me

Michal Noah’s best-selling, multi-award-winning book of self-affirmation is brought to the stage as a performance piece for children. The script takes the participants on a rhyming journey through the alphabet, reinforcing the positive qualities that all children possess. ~ Stuart Ardern

The Magic Tree

“The Magic Tree is a heartwarming story that encourages children to trust in themselves and in their own abilities and to embrace change”. ~ Stuart Arden


Multi-award-winning author Michal Noah’s story of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly comes to the stage as a verse play – an allegory for realizing the gifts and talents that all children have within them. ~ Stuart Ardern

“Lee Theatre is excited to produce another show aimed at the very young,” said Associate Professor of Theatre Dr. Christine Williams. “Theatre for this age group is a growing movement in the larger theatre world that seeks to introduce our youngest audience members to the magic and fun of theatre. With short performances designed just for their attention span, children have the opportunity to enjoy a performance made just for them.”

According to Williams, this delightful short play designed for young children follows the story of Sparkles the caterpillar as she grows into a butterfly. Interspersed with songs and opportunities for children to join the action, this is a performance that will be sure to delight the audience.

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