Quest for a Nest


A Quest For a Nest is an uplifting children’s story, in which the author Michal Y Noah demonstrates the power of Persistence and the importance of staying focused on one’s goals. Recounted through simple rhymes and interspersed with affirmations, this story is about friendship, caring and sharing, and encouraging a hardworking friend to realize their dreams.

Melody, a little bird, is on a mission to build her own nest. She wisely breaks down what seems to be a huge task into a series of chores, and is able to achieve it.

Little by little, with a lot of self-motivation and the help and encouragement of her forest friends, Melody is able to weave for herself a beautiful, strong and comfortable nest.

This ingenuous tale has plenty of life’s lessons cleverly packed into it for children and adults alike, to read, learn and enjoy.

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