The Power of Emotions

In our last blog post, we shed a light on the Power of Positive Self-talk. Today, let’s look at the power of emotions and how it can affect us.

Well, we can look at life as a Game… where all of us are trying to win. But, the actual winners are only those who have control over thoughts and emotions.

Power of Emotions

Our emotions are just like our source of energy, as it denotes the power within us.

When our thoughts are charged with positive emotions, they become very powerful.
The important thing is, we should always be fully aware about this fact that by using the power of emotions in our lives, we can achieve anything that we desire.

If we wish to create a pleasant reality, we MUST become conscious of our thoughts and emotions all the time. By taking control over our thoughts and emotions, we can create a wonderful life. We take charge. We become the Captain of our ship, which is what we call our life, rather than being a passenger.

Let me show you how simple it is. When you choose to think a happy Joyful thought you bring about happy Joyful emotions which will ultimately help YOU to experience happy joyful life.

While creating our own reality, we should be fully aware and take control over the emotions, as these are one of the most powerful aspects of mind and have a powerful impact on our energy which will help us to shape our individual reality.

It’s a fact that how we feel is crucial to how we approach things. It will help us to develop our attitudes and ultimately leads to results.

One of the most powerful emotions is joy. It has a high level of energy vibrations. The more joy we feel, the more effective results we will get.

People with a genuine passion for something always follow that passion with great joy and enthusiasm.

With the power of emotions, we can master our thoughts and by mastering our thoughts, we master our lives…. 🙂

So, always be positive…enjoy your life! 🙂

Wishing you ABUNDANCE of Love & JOY!

Always! 🙂

Michal Y Noah

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