Encouraging Healthy Competition in Kids

Although children should not compete with anyone but it’s no doubt that Childhood is full of competition. We cannot escape competition by any chance.

WE should always encourage our children to become a better human being. Not to compete with anyone but to improve themselves.

Encouraging Healthy Competition among Kids

In fact, competition makes the strong stronger…it’s all about survival of the fittest as it brings the best out of our kids and making them capable of surviving in adverse conditions.

Now, as a mother I always think about encouraging my kids for a healthy competition and here are some tips that I’ve learn through trial and error with my own kids and I hope it will be equally beneficial for others too.

Teaching the Power of Healthy Competition to Your Kids

First of all, always explain your kids about the importance of doing their best in everything they do.

Make sure you set realistic goals for them to stick to, so that it will encourage healthy and constructive competition among them especially youngsters.

Always lead them with the help of examples as our children learn from what they see and hear and if you do your best then your kids are bound to follow your footsteps.

Instill your children with right kind of spirit. Always teach them values as much as you can by explaining them that the victory that comes with cheating or manipulating will not last long.

Keep your focus on how much they tried their best to do a certain task irrespective of the outcome. Try not to focus on the fact that they won or lost, but the fact of how well they played by putting their best.

Set the right signals by letting them know that you are more interested to know how your kids performed rather than whether they lost or won, you will be able to drive home the point that their performance is much more important than whether they win or lose.

Try to encourage your child to work hard and keep on improving in whatever they do. This way over a period of time your can check their progress and the areas that needs improvement.

Last but not the least, always accept them as who they are…as in the long run that’s what healthy competition is all about…doing your best and keep on improving with happiness.

Wishing you ABUNDANCE of Love & JOY…Happy Father’s Day!!!  🙂

Michal Y Noah

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