The Power of Goal Setting

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

~ Tony Robbins

Goal SettingIn my opinion as a parent one of the most important job you’ve on earth is to teach your child the power of goal setting.

If you can instill this thing called goal setting in your child, then it will automatically lead them to the path of success throughout their entire life.

This success will not only limited to your child academic side, but it will also ensure your kid’s success in whatever career or business he/she is pursuing.

We should teach our children to set small reachable goals at first and then grow gradually.

Time and time again studies have shown that children who participate in setting their own goals are more motivated and self directed throughout their life.

They take things more seriously and would give their best to get the desired outcome.
Our job is to teach them that they are the Pilot, the captains of their own ship … that they themselves have the power to reach the destination they wish to reach. They are not the Victim of Outer circumstances – They are the creators of Circumstances.

Through the power of goal setting children learn and develop the skill of self determination. It will help them to make their own decisions and guide them further in all areas of their life.

You can begin the discussion of goal setting with your child by asking about what they would like to become in their life. Try to develop a strong vision in them about their dreams/goals.

Always teach them that there is nothing impossible in this world if your child develops a plan for accomplishing his/her dream through the power of goal setting.

When a goal is reached, celebrate it!!!

Last but not the least, always make sure you acknowledge your child’s progress and encourage them further to accomplish their goals.

Wishing you ABUNDANCE of Love & JOY…Happy Parenting!!! 🙂

Michal Y Noah

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