Unleash the Power of Positive Self Talk

It’s a fact that most of us talk to ourselves all day long it’s like we are in constant mental chatter. But, if this self talk is negative, be it tainted with guilt about our past or anxiety about our future, then this negativity can destroy our future dreams.

As it’s our nature to seek personal growth, emotionally, financially, physically so it’s no doubt, our actions are inspired by our thoughts and if we can slightly change the way we think, it will have an impact on our actions too.

Positive Self Talk

To get rid out of this negativity, try these below steps to empower yourself.

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Empowering Children Using Positive Affirmations

“I can do this”, “I am Brilliant” “I am Excellent”, when I hear these words from my 4 year old daughter, my heart is filled with joy as I know her self talk and confidence would help her accomplish any goal in life.

Have you ever used the power of positive self talk to make you feel better? I’m sure, if you do, then you know the joyful feeling it will bring.

Our self confidence plays a vital role on the attitudes and outcomes in our lives.

It’s no doubt that positive affirmations plays a great role to empower our children by realizing their unlimited potential.

A-Z The Universe in Me

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My Book “A-Z The Universe in Me” is now Amazon Bestseller

Hello friends,

I’m so happy today as my book “A-Z The Universe in Me” empowering children to have higher self-esteem and self-confidence is now listed on Amazon.com bestseller list.

“A-Z The Universe in Me” designed to help children to believe in themselves and their abilities.

This book is not just another children’s book, it showcases a collection of short poems of positive affirmations composed especially for children to hear and to enjoy. The book also includes lots of significant illustrations by Chrissy Fanslau.

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