The Power of the Present Moment

I once watched a movie with my children called ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and I remember a beautiful powerful saying: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and the present moment is all you have, that is why we call it a present.”

The Power of the Present Moment

The power of the present moment is rarely used, or even understood, by the vast majority of people. We must start acting in NOW, in order to produce change in our lives.
If we wish to change habits like procrastination, we need to do so now, because only we know what needs improvement in our life.

All we need to do is execute it in the present.

Remember, this moment is a gift. What we really have is what we have now, and by being in the present, we are given the gift to create and change our life to how we want it to be.

Rather than dwelling on the past which yields mainly negative emotions such as anger, regret and guilt, or thinking about the uncertain future which for most people is a source of fear of the unknown, when our mind makes noise and prevents rational thinking, it is better to be fully present in the now and enjoy the present moment.

With a bit of practice, clarity of thought soon follows as nothing is more powerful than the present moment…that’s the power of the present moment….

Wishing you ABUNDANCE of Love & JOY! 🙂

Michal Y Noah

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